Tuesday wasn't shaping up to be a great day. My alarm clock broke and I got a C on my English test.

"Elan," the teacher said, "You've got to shape up here. You've got to spend less time in theater and band and shape up in class. You're a nice kid, but your grades aren't showing it."

I mean, I may not be the brightest guy around, but I try…

So I grabbed my guitar and went to the practice rooms to, well, practice, when I saw my girlfriend cheating on me.

Haley. Making out with someone that was not me. In the practice room.

Now, naughty things happen in the practice rooms with…Disturbing regularity, as my friend in AP Chem likes to say. Let's just say that Sabine has the practice room before me, and I don't think that sticky spot on the carpet is spilled soda…

But Haley?! Haley would never do anything like that! She may like to steal stuff from the Lost and Found bin, but she would never cheat on me! Not even with—Who is that?

Then I got a glimpse of who Haley was making out with—Slim figure, pale skin, nearly white hair, a pink butterfly barrette…Celia.

Oh man, now Roy's gonna be pissed at me; he's had his eyes on her for a while now…

"Haley!" I found myself shouting, even though it sounded more like a pathetic whimper.

At the same time, part of me was screaming "Whatcha doing, my man Elan?! This is HOT! SHUT UP!"

Haley and Celia just looked at me and blushed. "Uh…H-Hi, Elan, sweetie," Haley stammered. Celia just stood there in shock. "It…It was…"

I just felt my lower lip trembling and tried not to cry. "B-But…Haley…I thought…I thought you l-l-loved me…" No good. I felt tears streaming down my face.

This day sucked.

Then I saw Haley and Celia holding me. "No, no, no, Elan. I…I love you. I really do."

"In fact, we were waiting for you!"

"…You were what?"

Haley smiled and winked at me—Winked at the both of us, in fact. "In fact, we were waiting for you to offer you something. Wanna come over to Celia's house tonight? Her parents are out of town, if you know what I mean."

I just kinda stared off into space for a second. My perverted subconscious was throwing a huge party, popping corks off of champagne bottles and dancing naked in the streets. "…Okay," I heard myself saying.

"Perfect! See you tonight, handsome!"

"I'll get the stuff right after school! Oh, and Elan…"


Haley grinned as she interrupted Celia "…Can the two of us, uhm, practice on each other? While you practice? You can watch if you want," she said while running her hands up and down her Celia's sides as Celia giggled and reached for Haley's waist.

I think I may have dislocated my jaw from that grin.

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