Crystal had slept with a lot of people in her time. Lots of different species as well. Let's just say there was a reason Bozzok liked her, and it wasn't just her skills with a dagger.

But for all that, there was one species she had never slept with, and that was an elf. Everyone knew that getting with an elf, of all humanoids, was the hardest thing to do, and anyone who managed to do so in the Thieves' Guild wore it like a badge of honor. At the social gatherings, any guy who bragged, "Guess what guys, I boned an elf last night!" quickly earned the envy of everyone else there; when Matt Silver proved that he had had a threesome with two elf sisters, he was instantly dubbed "The Luckiest Bastard On The Face Of The Planet". And how many elves had Crystal done the Horizontal Samba with? None. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Until now, that is. The purple-haired elfVaarsuviusFinally seemed like he (She? It? Not that it mattered, she could find a way to bang it regardless of gender) was about to succumb. It took an entire night of flirting, groping, drinking, the showing off of frilly lace and tight leather dominatrix outfits (Complete with whip!) and finally, an entire store's worth of love potions (Maximum strength), but the barely-conscious elf was now clumsily making out with her, groping her, and motioning back to her room.

"…Bull's Strength…Cat's Grace…Bear's Endurance," the elf intoned while undressing her. Crystal grinned wickedly. A wizard, huh…She just got a demonically good idea.

"Hey, Vasuvie or whatever, just so you know, I like it rough."

"…Okay then…Animate Rope…Busby's Grasping Hand…Ev—Evan's Spiked Tentacles of Forced Intrusion…"

Crystal did a double-take on the last one. "…Kinky. Well, Elfsuvius, let's have some fun!"

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