Kubota paced the cabin. Daigo was groaning, barely conscious; Kazumi straining with wild-eyed fury against the ninjas who held her. "Of course, I'll just say that I couldn't arrive in time to save you…Or your wife…Or unborn child…"

"YOU FRICKING BASTARD!!!" Daigo thrashed against the ninjas who help him firm. One of them punched him in the gut. Daigo went limp, staring at Kubota with raw hatred.

Kubota smirked as he knelt down to Daigo's level and whispered in his ear, "And just between you and me, you suck in bed."

Kazumi's eyes grew wide. She had overheard.

"Okay. What was that about?!"

"Kazumi, darling, I can—"

"No. NO. Daigo, you are explaining this to me RIGHT NOW."

"Uhm…Ah…Well…" Daigo started to sweat a bit. He tapped his index fingers together, a nervous habit that he had started when he was very young. "Well, ah, Kazumi…Do you remember Initiation Day? When we all were officially made part of the Azurite Army?"

"Of course."

"Well, ah…See, afterwards, Kubota invited me over to his mansion for a drink…And well, I was going through this "try out kinky stuff" phase—"

"Which you still haven't grown out of, Daigo."

"Uh, yeah, and well, we kinda got drunk. And well, one thing led to another, and Kubota had a Belt of Gender Changing and a french maid outfit in his closet, and well…"


Daigo ended up sleeping on the deck outside for the rest of the month.

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