Sword drawn, Elan stared up at the cactus and frowned. The prizeA beautiful flowerStood atop it. Yet it was protected by thorns, too fragile to bear his weight.

Elan waited for the cactus to make a move. Ridiculous to some, but he knew. He knew that sometimes plants move, and he wouldn't be surprised if plants got pissed when you deflowered them.

…Heh, 'Deflowered.'

And yet the cactus was oddly beautiful. Tall and proud, yet that flower gave it an oddly feminine aspect…Elan had an idea on how to claim the prize…


Haley whistled, slightly impressed as she plucked out the spines from Elan's exposed skin, the beautiful flower sitting in her hair. He had restrained himself to slight whimpers and the occasional yelp, even when she had to tug at a deeply embedded spine with both hands. Her mouth dropped open slightly when Elan gingerly took off his pants and underwear, exposing dozens of thorns impaled in his upper thighs and groin. Haley worked her jaw for a moment, trying to comprehend what she was seeing and formulate a response. Finally, she said, "…I'm just going to assume that this was necessary to get me the flower, and never mention this again."

Elan squirmed uncomfortably and winced. "…Yeah, that would be best."

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