The Shadowdancer-Alan-made a little noise of surprise. He wasn't expecting the King of Nowhere to show up so early! And with so many extra people as well! He silently counted the number of people to himself…Hotel staff, dwarf advisor, a redhead who was probably a prostitute, and…

Ugh. He could faintly make out a person with a green shirt and blond hair, but he couldn't see who it was in detail. And the blood was starting to rush to his head.

Alan swung back and forth, trying to get a better look at whoever it was, when he overshot, crashing through the window into an ignominious heap in front of the King of Nowhere.

He gulped and started to sweat as the king, the staff, and his advisers crowded around him.

"What the—Who are you?!" shouted one of the hotel staff.

"Isn't it obvious? Black suit, black mask, all-around sneaky appearance?" Alan started to sweat even moreHow did the king's concubine reach the correct conclusion so quickly? He had to find a way out of this and fast. Alan opened his mouth, ready to say whatever came to mind first, when

"No Haley, he's a jester!" It was the young man with blond hair and…Brilliant blue eyes…A shirt that advertised his lithe form…Lilting voice…

Alan found himself sweating for an entirely different reason.

"A what? Elan, has that concussion knocked the last bit of sense out of your head?"

Alan interrupted before the King's suspicion's could be rekindled. "N-No! The handsome young man is right; I am a jester! See? Give me some fruit or something."

"Okay…" Alan was handed three apples. He sighed and began juggling them, thanking the gods that he used to be a street performer.

"See? See! I told you, Roy!"

And there was that handsome young man again…And now he was joining in, standing next to him…Concentrate Alan, concentrate…"

"Juggle, juggle, juggle, juggle the apples for the king!"

Alan didn't know how, but he somehow managed to get through that without arousing any more suspicion. He smiled at the young manElanWho smiled back innocently.

Alan sidled over and said, "Room 608, cutie," as he grabbed Elan's behind and walked out the door.

He didn't notice Elan's eyes, wide with shock. Nor the slight whimper that came from his mouth.

He also didn't notice Haley's expression of murderous rage.

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