Inkyrius took another swig of beer, swaying unsteadily as he did so. Vaarsuvius grinned at hir lover. "Your turn," V said. The elf was often brief and to the point when drunk.

"Okay…My most embarrassing moment." Kyrie rubbed hir chin thoughtfully. "Well…"

Decades ago

"Happy birthday, Kyrie!" A package was handed over to the green-haired elf.

"Oh boy, what is this?" Kyrie eagerly ripped it open. "…What is this?" the elf asked, holding a rod of some sort in hir hand.

"It's a wand of Major Image. I know that you have always had an affection for illusion spells, so I made this for you…"

"Aww, thanks!"

Later that night an insidious thought ran through Kyrie's head, growing stronger by the moment. The elf could no longer restrain hirself. Kyrie closed hir bedroom door and furtively took out the wand of Major Image and a copy of Playelf stashed under hir mattress (Because isn't that where it's always kept?) "Major Image," Kyrie whispered.

A large image of Vaarsuvius appeared in front of Kyrie. The image of the purple-haired elf winked seductively, then began to strip. Kyrie grinned in delight as the image of Vaarsuvius danced in front of hir. The elf then began to concentrate again. The Vaarsuvius image whispered in Kyrie's ear as a second, equally naked one popped into existence.

"Oh Kyrie. You're too much for one elf, so let me introduce you to my identical naked twin, Vaarsuvius Two!"

An olive-haired elf walked into Kyrie's room. "Kyrie, you okay? I heard you shouting and—GAH!!!"

Kyrie bolted upright and the images popped out of existence as the olive-haired elf shouted. However, for a few moments, the sight of two naked Vaarsuviuses next to Kyrie, madly stroking hir own ears, was clearly visible.

Back to the drinking game

"Yeah…The next morning was awkward, to say the least," Kyrie mumbled.

Vaarsuvius stared into hir own mug of beer for a moment. "…Compared to that, my near-ruination of time and causality due to a misworded spell seems almost trivial."

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