Ian Starshine/Bandit Leader

Mia Starshine walked alongside her husband Ian through the forest, her hand resting protectively over her swollen belly.

"Here, my love," Ian said, indicating a small clearing deep in the grove. "My friend Will is coming; he'll be here soon to escort us the rest of the way."

Mia smiled and looked at Ian with those bright blue eyes. "He better, the baby's starting to complain."

Ian leaned down and placed his hand over Mia's. "So did our son enjoy the exercise? Has Hector been kicking a lot today?"

Mia laughed softly and looked into Ian's eyes. "What if it's a girl?"

"Nonsense! Hector's my child, of course he'll be a boy. That's just silly, sweetie."

At that moment the happy silence was pierced by an arrow which embedded itself in the tree above them. Both Ian and Mia jumped to their feet, drawing their swords. Ian then took a look at the arrow, sheathed his blade, and shouted, "Will! I told you not to do that!"

A slight rustling was heard behind them, and Will dropped down from the treetops with his bow. "Hi, Ian! Hello, Mia! How's Hector doing today? Has he started dancing the placental can-can yet?" Mia shook her head and sighed dramatically, yet could not quite conceal a smile. "Oh, and look at this!" Will produced a large barrel from a Bag of Holding that he carried with him. Ian peered at the label and his eyes grew wide.

"…No way. This much?!"

Will's smile grew even broader. "Oh yeah, this is the good stuff." He pulled out a stopper and filled up two mugs, one of which he handed to Ian. He was about to give the other mug to Mia when he stopped and said, "Oh, right. We've got your kid to worry about. My apologies."

"It's okay, Will. I prefer juice anyway."

They drank and talked and laughed well into the night; Mia went to sleep as Ian and Will were still chatting. As they talked, the conversation eventually veered to the Thieves' Guild, and Ian mentioned how the new recruit, Bozzok, was very skilled, but ambitious as well. And more than a little perverted. The half-orc had apparently found Hank's stash of Playelf and made off with it; Ian was NOT pleased to have to track those down. Then he showed the collection of high heels, black leather, whips, and other pieces of dominatrix gear that he had found in Bozzok's closet.

They were drunk; they were beyond drunk. Somehow it went from playful teasing to a drunken bet to the both of them trying out the whips to the both of them trying out the whips on each other to Ian waking up hungover in the morning, naked and next to an equally unclothed Will (Uncomfortably propped up against a bunch of rocks, no less), with all that that implies.

Contrary to what one would think, Ian remembered exactly what had transpired the night before, and very greatly wished that he had not.

"Oh dear Gods…Mia's gonna kill me. I'm a dead man."

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