Pompey, Sabine, and Julia had been holed up in that stinky warehouse for a whole week now, and Pompey had long ago tired of playing Go Fish with Sabine (He had wanted to do…other things with her, but Nale didn't seem like one to cross, especially with this great opportunity.) As it was, Sabine was out on reconissance (Again), and Pompey was bored (Again).

Then he remembered that Julia was there. Smoking hot human chick. Maybe he'd have some fun tormenting her. He sauntered over to Julia (Bound and gagged in a chair), with the most seductive look he could think of. "Hey, Julia baby," he muttered in what he believed to be an unbelievably sexy (But really just disturbing on multiple levels) voice.

Julia responded with a two-minute torrent of vulgarity. Or she would have, if that gag didn't automatically translate everything she said into Mufflese.

"Hey, Julia. I wrote a little something for you. Everything I like about you!"

Julia responded with a dirty look and two obscene hand gestures. Pompey shoved the letter in her face anyway. Julia just stared blankly at the sheet; the note was written in Elven and she didn't understand the language.

Pompey chuckled. "Heh, don't get it do you? Comprehend Languages!"

Julia's eyes bugged out when she red the message. Pompey nearly doubled over in laughter.

See, the thing about Elven is that the language is very…Exact when it comes to describing obscene acts. While one needs to use multiple words or even sentences to accurately describe different sexual acts in Common, in Elven the same idea can be accurately expressed in a single word or phrase. Elven also distinguishes who is on what end of the act. Overall, there are over 70 different words or terms explicitly describing different sexual acts in Elven. And Pompey had used almost all of them in that letter to Julia.

Julia screamed something and tried to lunge at Pompey, but she was bound fast. At this moment Sabine flew in. "Pompey, what did I tell you about tormenting the hostage, and are you trying to use Explosive Runes on her; give me th—!" Snatching the now-translated note out of Pompey's hand, Sabine quickly scanned the letter. As Sabine reached the end of the letter her face turned a curious shade of maroon and she fell silent in shock.

Not because of the acts which Pompey had described, but that she had never even heard of some of the terms before.

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