"Wait, you're going to cheat on that test?!"

The girl stared at Miko with a snide look, her hands on her hips. "What's it to you?" she asked in that horrible Valley-girl tone, which made Miko want to retch. "I don't see this mattering to you. Besides, she practically lets us cheat anyway."

Miko glared at the girl, hands on her hips. "Regardless how easy it may be to cheat, it is still wrong! You are honorless for it!"

"Yeah, whatever." The girl flipped her hair and walked away in disdain.

"…Sigh. Will they ever learn?" Miko leaned against her locker for a moment before she saw Hinjo wave to her.

"Good morning Miko!" he said cheerfully. He was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

"Good morning, Hinjo…Where is your shirt?" Miko, Hinjo, Lien, and O-Chul always wore white shirts and blue jeans, a mark of the impromptu altruistic group that they had decided to form.

"Ehh, it was in the wash. You coming over to the bench where we always sit? I need to look over some notes with you before class starts."

Miko nodded. "I'll be there in a moment. Just let me get some coffee from the school store." Hinjo nodded and walked off. Miko placed her books on the counter and waited for the school store to open. Next to her, Belkar was sitting on the counter, talking at length about the party he had gone to the night before; his vulgar tale complemented with equally vulgar gestures. Miko scowled in disgust.

The school store opened and Kazumi, who was running the store that day, started taking orders. "Hey! Belkar, off the counter!"

"Just gimme my java fix!" Except he said it in much less appropriate terms. Kazumi shoved the coffee into Belkars hands. He threw some money on the counter, hopped down on the floor, and ran off.

"What a vile, disgusting person. One small coffee, please," Miko said to Kazumi.

A different voice responded behind her, "Heh, I couldn't agree more."

Miko turned around in surprise. "Oh, and you are…?" He (He? Miko was pretty sure, but considering the guy, she could never quite tell…) was the new guy and she was no good with names, even if he was in her math class.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Inkyrius. You can call me Kyrie though." With his green hair tied back in a ponytail, and his slender physique, Kyrie was a walking definition of bishonen.

Miko thought he was beautiful. "Oh, I…I'm Miko."

"That's a nice name. Hi Miko. Coffee, please. I had a really rough night last night."

"Really? What happened?"

Kyrie sighed. "Spent all night studying for that math test. Fell asleep at nearly 2 AM."

"Oh…Look, Hinjo and I are also going over our notes. Do you want to come with us? Please?" Miko mentally chastised herself. She sounded like she was begging! Then again, she was no good with guys…

Kyrie smiled at Miko. "Sure. Thank you." As they walked down the main hall, Miko blushed furiously when she spotted Elan and Haley (She was the envy of almost every girl in the school for getting the whimsical rock star Elan; even Miko felt a twinge of jealousy) making out on a bench. She tried to rationalize it. Better making out than what Nale did. Frankly, she would be more surprised if the rumor that Nale and Sabine had been caught having sex in one of the supposedly soundproofed (She didn't even want to know how loud they must have been) music rooms where the musicians practice was not true.

"Miko, there you are! And who's that? Is he the new guy who sits in the back?"

"Yes. His name is In—"

"I'm Kyrie. Pleased to meet you. Cookie?" He pulled out a some cookies from his bag and offered them to the group.

"Wow, thanks."

"In—Kyrie, these are fantastic!"

"Thank you. I like to bake in my spare time." He sat down next to Miko and pulled out his math books.

Miko smiled to herself, then smiled even more widely when she noticed that Kyrie was spending less time looking at his notes and more time looking at her hair. As she stood up, she noticed a slight tug, and everyone's eyes on her.

Kyrie, still sitting, looked up at Miko and smiled. He was holding her hand.

Three days later, Principal Kim caught them making out behind one of the trees before school started. "What is the meaning of this, Miko?"

Both Miko and Kyrie stammered, though Miko eventually found her voice. "I…I do not mean to be rude, but nowhere in the student rulebook (Which I have memorized several times over) does it say that two students in a relationship cannot kiss, and only kiss, in a discreet location. I do not believe Kyrie and I have violated those rules. Honestly, you should be more concerned about the antics of those two over there." Miko was pointing at Nale and Sabine, who were busy feeling each other up in plain view of several freshmen; some of whom were staring in abject horror, some of whom were staring with perverse curiosity, and some of whom were looking on in depraved amusement.

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