Lien struggled against the ropes, but it was no good. The orcs were about to sacrifice her, and in a subversion of the traditional "virgin sacrifice" …Yeah.

The paladin sighed, trying to think of another way out of this mess that wouldn't involve her dying. At the same time, she couldn't help but think back to that night…

Lien had only just turned 17. And tonight was the Junior Prom. And her prom date was O-Chul. O-CHUL. The fact that they were in the middle of the dance was the only thing stopping her from jumping for joy.

Her blue hair was long, and her hairstyle was specially done for the occasion. She was wearing one of long, sleek dresses that perfectly accentuated her figure. O-Chul (Who was not bald, as he was only 17 as well), stared at Lien dancing next to him and gulped audibly; he had to make a will save every ten minutes when she was dancing next to him like this.

After another long set of music, the two of them sat down at a table, visibly sweating. O-Chul got drinks for the two of them as Lien's tongue loosened with each beer.

"Wait, so you're saying that you jumped off the very top of the school, rolled a 1 on your Reflex Save, and only got a broken arm? Get out!"

"Yep, I've got a Constitution in the mid-20s."

Lien's eyes widened. She knew O-Chul's endurance was legendary in the schoolEVERYBODY knew itBut she had no clue it was that high. Though she tried not to, the more…lewd parts of her mind (And the fact that he looked damn sexy in those clothes, and that she'd had a crush on him for years) kept suggesting to her just what he could do with that much endurance. The beer didn't help either.

O-Chul wasn't nearly as intoxicated as Lien was at that point, though the alcohol was starting to get to him as well; he had dropped all pretenses of not staring at her chest with the fourth beer. And now he was thinking along the same lines as well.

Eventually Junior Prom ended, and everyone staggered home. Or to their date's homes. O-Chul and Lien were in the latter group.

When Lien woke up the next next morning to find herself sore, naked, and in O-Chul's bed with their clothes scattered all over the floor (And O-Chul showering), three thoughts ran through her mind. In order.

Oh crap. Oh crap. Last night really happened. Oh crap.

…Yay! I finally got laid! Go Lien! Go Lien!

…Wow, he sure knows how to use that mid-20's Constitution…
Lien snapped out of her reverie when she heard a tied-up Daigo asking, "Lien! Thank the Twelve Gods you're still alive. How are you doing?"

"Questioning the life choices that brought me to this point. You?"

The truth was that she really wasn't questioning them at all.

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