OOTS/Giant Sand Worm

Things were finally going smoothly. They were traveling on the giant sand worm; Roy and Durkon giving directions, V guiding the worm, and Belkar being bait, safely quiet with a book that came with the spice package for some reason.

Then they realized that none of them had any idea where Haley and Elan had gone off to. Then Belkar had sat up, an impressive feat as he was being dangled upside down.

"Hey, I smell sex! Who's getting some?"

They shouldn't have turned around. But turn around they did, to find Elan and Haley engaged in some form of coital act that, in addition to the normal…Tools that one uses when engaged in, shall we say, "intimate activities", also involved scales from the sand worm, a broken arrow, and Banjo.

"Good Gods! What are you guys doing!?"

"Merciful Thor, me eyes!"

"May I remind the two of you that this is not a good location to engage in such intimate acts, and that you should wait until nightfall!?"

"Hey! No fair! Why can't I challenge the Beast with Two Backs!?"

"Belkar, don't—!"

Too late. Belkar had twisted around and tried jumping back onto the head of the worm. Things went downhill from there. V tried recasting the spell, but Belkar broke free and ran towards the amorous couple. Durkon and Roy tried catching him, but ended up colliding into each other. Then the giant sand worm started wondering where that yummy package of spice (I.E.: Belkar) had gone off to, and started squirming around for him, causing everyone to lose their balance. Elan and Haley, for their part, found it extremely difficult, if not downright impossible to stay on a squirming, bucking, thrashing giant worm when they were engaged in a very passionate sexual act.

To make a long story short, the worm ended up tossing everyone off onto the sand. In a pile. On top of each other. With a very naked Elan and Haley on the bottom. Or they would be on the bottom, if Belkar had not already taken that spot.

Then the worm, with astonishing delicacy, removed everyone's clothes, seemed to laugh at them for some time, then left.

Durkon spent the rest of the night beseeching Thor for the most powerful alcohol known to dwarfkind. V and Roy spent the rest of the night researching a Scour (Mind) spell. Haley and Elan slept on opposite sides of the camp that night, very far away from each other, and the rest of the Order for that matter. Belkar spent the rest of the night in his tent.

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