Sabine had finally recovered enough to speak. "….You're joking."

"Joking about what?" Pompey shifted slightly against the wall. Julia was inside; she would have been screaming her brains out if not for the Silence spell he had just cast.

"I…I've never even heard of some of these before. And I'm a Succubus! I'm a literal incarnation of illicit sex! How could I not know of some of these?!

Pompey snickered, "Elves can be quite dirty when they want to be. When you live for almost 500 years in the forest, you're gonna want to try some things. One of the reasons I left."

Sabine looked over the note again. "But…Some of these look really painful. Like, 'I just got my lover hospitalized doing some really kinky stuff; what am I gonna tell the neighbors, we'll never live it down, I told him that wasn't supposed to be there or stick out at than angle' painful."

Pompey grinned. "Racial dexterity bonus. Though I'm fairly sure anyone with a high enough dexterity score could do these things without getting seriously hurt."

"…Ah." Sabine paused for a moment. "Wait…So…Someone like that Haley skank, who I am almost certain has a Natural 18 Dexterity, would be able to do these things, while I wouldn't be able to?!"

Pompey didn't like where this was going, but he felt compelled to answer regardless. "Uh…I think so, yeah."

Sabine stared blankly at Pompey for a moment, then strode over and grabbed the half-elf by his neck. "Cast Cat's Grace on me. Now." she snarled.


"Cast it on me NOW. I'm a freaking Succubus. I'm not letting that Haley skank be able to do something I can't do. We're testing these out right now. All of them."

Pompey suddenly liked where this was going. Very much. "Cat's Grace!"

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