Therkla/Crystal/Grand Larcener

You know your school's messed up when, at Freshman Orientation Day, the principal does a demonstration of how to put on a condom…And most people already know how to do it. And you also know your school's messed up when there's only about two people in the school, Miko and Vaarsuvius (Okay, maybe Hinjo, Durkon, and Lien) who actually use the soundproofed practice rooms for their intended purpose. Oh and did I mention that not only is there a stairwell on the west side of school that everyone knows to stay away from, but that once the superintendent caught almost twenty students there, at once, together, in various stages of undress?

Compared to everyone else here, I'm a prude. I mean, I've only been with Crystal, and peeped on Haley and Elan a few times. I've never even been in a threesome until last week!

Oh, you want to know about that, do you? Well, okay.

That day was starting off badly. Really badly. Let's just say that when I woke up, instead of putting my pajamas in the hamper, I accidentally put them in the toilet. It got worse from there.

I knew that Crystal and I needed to finalize some plans for the weekend and have some fun in the soundproofed rooms beforehand. So I walked down to the music room, eating my lunch as I walked (And no, I did NOT grope Elan's ass as I walked by), and what did I see?

I saw Kyo, who was making out with Crystal! And she was pressed up against the wall with a hand up her skirt!

I started yelling at the two of them; even in this nuthouse it's a general courtesy to ask your boyfriend/girlfriend before doing something like that! Crystal started complaining that I hadn't used my flexibility in a while, and I started yelling that I wanted to be in a threesome too, and Kyo was just standing there confused. Then both of them stared at my half-finished meal that I was squeezing in my hand.

This may seem as a bit of a surprise to you, but I actually like to cook. That thing I was eating? It's actually one of my own creations. It's a fried banana, dipped in chocolate sauce, then wrapped in a crepe. It's actually pretty good; do you want one?

Oh yeah, what happened. So they were staring at the half-finished banana crepe, and all of a sudden I got an idea of how to get their…Attention.

So I wrapped my legs around the music stand like this, and swallowed the rest of the banana in one bite like this, leaving the crepe intact, and then pulled it out whole like this, and…Why do you have that look on your face?

In any case, after that little performance, the two of them quickly invited me to join in. Turns out that Kyo and Crystal had gone "shopping" before school. And their parents were gone that weekend. And that what we did in the soundproofed room was just a "rehearsal" if you will. Heh. Took the three of us twenty minutes to clean up the place afterwards, and I'm sure there's still some stains on the carpeting.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

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