Thieves' Guild/Grubwiggler

Grubwiggler shouted in frustration as he noticed the now-empty safe. Again. Right on cue, Bozzok knocked on the door.

"So, are you willing to pay your…Insurance?" Bozzok asked.

"Alright! Alright! I'll pay."

Bozzok smiled. "Tell you what. I like you. Come to the Thieves' Guild tonight and you can have your first year of "insurance" half-off." He turned and left.

Grubwiggler smiled as Bozzok left. Greysky wasn't all bad sometimes…


Bozzok burst into Hank's study and immediately wished he hadn't.

"Hank!" Bozzok shouted, covering one eye as he did so. "Put down the Playelf and help me clear out the common room; we've got half an hour."

Hank jumped down onto the floor. "Aww, yeah! Let's get this party started!"

"And…Please pull up your trousers. Give me an hour, okay?"


Haley sighed as she leaned back in the bathtub, her long hair floating in the water as she washed herself off.

She liked hot baths, especially when her skin turned out soft and just a bit pink afterwards.

She dove under the water for a moment, then popped back up when she heard footsteps, just in time to see a very naked Jenny being chased by an equally naked half-elf guy who had just joined a few weeks ago.

Haley sat there in the bathtub for a moment, just enjoying the view. Then it hit her.

"Crap! Crap, I completely forgot!" Haley shouted as she jumped out of the bathtub and ran to the common room, leaving little puddles in her wake. She then stopped and looked back at her pajamas. It wasn't as if she was going to actually need them now. Nevertheless…

Haley eventually decided to wear a skimpy nightdress and lingerie that would more accurately be described as "three thin, see-through strips of cloth". Sometimes the anticipation could be just as fun as the act itself.


Grubwiggler walked into the common room of the Thieves' Guild and dropped the bottle of wine he brought in shock.

He was presented with the sight of what could only be described as a mass sex romp involving every person in the guild.

"Grubwiggler! Hank, told you he'd be here. Now pay me the 50 gp." Grubwiggler whimpered at the sight of a nude Bozzok and Hank.

"Ha. Fat chance. Join the party. I just won a strip contest!"


"No you didn't!" Hank was immediately met with an oddly-shaped dagger to his throat, held by a half-naked girl with an ugly bowlcut.

"Okay, Crystal, you won!"

"Good. And Haley got in last."

"And Haley got in last!"

Grubwiggler turned around to see two girls, one with dark skin and curly black hair, the other with creamy skin and long flaming red hair, pounce on a blue-haired elf and start nibbling on her (And he only knew it was a "Her" because he got a full-frontal view) ears.

Needless to say, all were naked.

Grubwiggler grinned and threw his cloak in Bozzok's face as Hank and Crystal tackled Bozzok at the same time. This was going to be fun.

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