Tsukiko groaned as she sat in the middle of the cabin. Stupid Redcloak, sending her up into the mountain village without so much as a single wight to guard her and be a companion to her! And no skeletons to use either! All for Xykon though, hopefully the supplies found here would help him find his phylactery. Then he'd see just what a perfect girl she'd be for him.

Of course, now a howling blizzard started, and Tsukiko was stuck here for at least another few days. Again, without so much as a wight as a companion! Tsukiko gritted her teeth, biting back a grunt of annoyance and sheer exasperation. Stupid Redcloak wasn't even giving her any alone time with the wights and ghasts lately; it was really starting to get to her!

Wait…Then again…Tsukiko reached into the back pocket of her dress, and took out the latest issue of Undead Variety Monthly!, giggling to herself in a decidedly…Naughty fashion. At least she now had some way to kill some time…

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