"V, are you okay? You've been huddled in the same spot for the past ten hours. Roy did not act like this when he was resurrected."

Vaarsuvius was still huddled in a fetal position, the horrors of the Lower Planes still firmly engraved in hir mind. The elf shook hir head. "…I am okay, Durkon. Please leave me be."

"No, Vaarsuvius. You're in no state to be left alone right now. …I must ask. What happened to your soul when you died to traumatize you so badly? The Neutral afterlife can't be that bad, unless…" Durkon's eyes grew wide with horrified realization. "Vaarsuvius…Don't tell me that…"

V looked up at Durkon. "…Your suspicions are correct. My soul awoke in the Lower Planes."

"…But…Vaarsuvius…You are not evil…" Durkon placed a hand on V's shoulder, somewhat shaken when the elf did not brush it off. "…Did the…Events on the ship and afterwards change your alignment so drastically? Vaarsuvius, what happened after you left the ship?"

V squeezed hir eyes shut and winced as though struck. "Please! Do not remind me of what I have done! Shattered, shattered, what have I done…Naught but wrath and fury, and I have been damned for it…I have repented, but will the gods not acknowledge my atonement?"

Durkon smiled as he got an idea. "Atonement. That's it! Vaarsuvius…I do not know exactly what you have done, but are you truly repentant?"

Vaarsuvius glared at Durkon. "I am an elf of my word. You know as well as I that I do not lie."

Durkon nodded. "There is a spell, Atonement. I will be able to have Thor intercede on your behalf."

"…You are able to do that?" Vaarsuvius fell to hir knees. "Please! Cast the spell, I beseech you!"

Durkon started. For Vaarsuvius to act like this… "I'll start the casting now. Just let me find the components…Where's the focus…Oh." Durkon read over the requirements needed for Thor to intercede on V's behalf. About halfway down the list he dropped the parchment with a little whimper, his face turning an odd shade.

"Durkon? What is the matter?"

"Vaarsuvius…The…Focus needed…" Durkon showed V the paragraph in question. V yelped and jumped back. No way was the elf doing that! Yet…The Lower Planes…

"Durkon…What would be in store for me otherwise is so much worse…Just cast the spell regardless."


In the Upper Planes, Thor and Loki were observing the ensuing scene with increasing attention and amusement.

"Ha! See? SEE? I told you that requirement would be perfect!"

"Yes Thor, you were right. Now scoot over a bit so I can get a closer look at the elf."

"Awww, yeah."

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