Vaarsuvius sighed and tapped hir foot impatiently, waiting for Elan to finish his shower. Never mind how anachronistic it was; the elf had gotten quite used to the shower. And who didn't love an endless stream of hot water to wash off in?

V sighed. Elan was taking a while. And now…Perfume? What? And the blue-on-blue color scheme was getting annoying; Azure City be damned.

Elan finally stepped out of the bathroom. V looked at him for a moment. "Elan, I must ask…Why are you wearing the clothes you wore yesterday, despite the fact that you have just showered?"

"Uhm, well…Don't you?"

"Hardly. Elan, as you know, I have several different robes and cloaks, all of the same shade, that I change daily. To go several days without regard for my personal hygiene…" V shuddered at the thought. A thought then struck hir. "Did I not tell you this several days ago. Then again, you are Elan…" V said to hirself, stepping past Elan and undoing the clasp on hir cloak as V stepped into the bathroom.

"Uh-huh! I'm Elan and not Nale, even though only the brilliant, perfect, genius Nale could have come up with such a foolproof, ingenious idea!"

V's eyes narrowed. Nale swallowed and began to sweat as he realized his mistake. "Charm Person!" he shouted as he cast the spell. V struggled for a moment, then just stood there, swaying slightly, hir eyes strangely blank.

Nale smiled evilly. "Good. That was a close one." He then peered at V, hir cloak lying crumpled on the ground. "You know…There's always something that I've wanted to know about you. And I think I need another shower. Come along, Vaarsuvius."

"…That is acceptable, Nale."

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