Xykon/Roy's Sword

Xykon landed on the ground, carefully walking over to the body of that fighter who he had juts killed. He only had a few minutes; best to make this fast.

A short inspection revealed that the guyWhat was his name again? Blueplate? Greenpommel? Brownhand?Was obviously dead. Head trauma, broken neck, the works. Still, Xykon was a bit wary. For a mid level fighter, some of those wounds had hurt. Too many for natural 20s; there was a trick of some kind here.

The lich glanced over at the sword next to that guy's (Seriously, what was his name again?) body. Odd, it didn't seem to be damaged at all. Xykon began to suspect something. What if all that damage came from his sword, and not the fighter guy himself. One way to find out: He carefully picked up the sword and inspected it closely, when the tip accidentally nicked his arm.

Once again, it hurt a lot more then a regular sword should have. Looking closely, Xykon realized why. Starmetal. Of course. Mr. Fall-Guy may have been semi-capable, but it was that sword which did most of the work…That sword…

Xykon felt an urge to run it across his arm. It hurt again, but it was a good kind of hurt. It was the kind of hurt that he could control and released a…Rush, for lack of a better word. Xykon grinned; he hadn't felt like this in years. After this battle, he would certainly need take a page from Redcloak and…Investigate this.

"Lord Xykon? Ah, good thing he's dead! Infli—Xykon? What are you doing, we've got a war to win!"

Speak of the devil. "Nothing!" Xykon somewhat reluctantly chucked the sword back at Mr. Silversword's body or whatever his name was, satisfied at the Thwong! sound it made. He noticed a person singing, and figured that was his cue to get back in the battle. Time to take over a gate and humiliate some paladins. This was going to be fun.

Redcloak, who had seen the entire thing, gave the lich sorceror the oddest look before making a careful notation in his datebook, grinning at the proverbial treasure trove of blackmail potential that was just bestowed to him. This was going to be fun.

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