The snow was feet deep and accumulating by the minute. Freezing temperatures and howling winds only served to make things worse. Two figures, a human and a drow, trudged through the snow, obviously lost.

"…I believe we have made a wrong turn."

"Yeah, and I've got a goatee. OF COURSE WE MADE A WRONG TURN!" Nale paced back and forth, screaming his predicament. "Because of you, we're now stuck in this frozen blizzard wasteland! Thog's still with Sabine, and they can just Plane Shift if things get really bad; gods know we've done it before. But of course we got separated because of you, and of course we're stuck here, and of course you didn't have the foresight to prepare any potentially useful spells!!!" Nale ended his rant by shouting in Zz'drti's face, repeatedly jabbing the drow's chest for emphasis.

Zz'Drti's eyes narrowed. He'd gotten used to enduring these monologues and rants, but no way was the human going to suggest that he was shortsighted! He shook his head. On contraire, Nale. I have just the spell prepared. "Secure Shelter."

Almost instantly, a small cottage appeared in front of them. Zz'Drti smirked at Nale, walked inside, and lit a fire in the fireplace. Nale followed him, actually dumbfounded. "…I stand corrected. Zz'Drti, how long will this spell last?"

"The rest of the night."

"Then we should get some rest. Cast a Sending to Sabine first thing in the morning…" Nale smiled at the drow, having gained some new respect for him.

Later that night, the fire went out. The sudden drop in temperature woke both of them up. Shivering, both Nale and Zz'Drti searched for some more firewood (Zz'Drti had not yet replenished all his spells), but to no avail.

Nale looked at Zz'Drti and sighed. "I think the best way to keep warm would be to huddle together."

"…I do not think I like where this is going."

"Neither do I. But it's either that or turn into icicles."

"…Good point."

The two of them huddled together on the mattress, sharing each other's clothes for warmth. Unfortunately, the two of them were very…Lonely men.

One thing led to another, and within two hours Nale and Zz'Drti were going at it on that worn-out, thread-bare mattress; Zz'Drti gripping the sheets, wondering how something that hurt so much could feel so good.

Of course, because the rules dictate it, Sabine and Thog chose this exact moment to burst in through the front door.

"Nale! Zz'Drti! There you are, I thought you we—"

"…Why Nale and Zz'Drti hugging like that? Without clothes?"

Nale and Zz'Drti broke into a cold sweat, an appropriate look of 'Oh crap' plastered on their faces. "Uh…I can explain?"


Sabine glared at them. "Come on, you promised me that we'd do the threesome together!"

Nale breathed a sigh of relief. "I was…Just getting things started. Hop right in!"


Sabine's clothes were already flung behind her, landing in Thog's face. "Don't mind if I do!"

"Thog scared!"

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