The ABD lay upon her hoard.

Life was good, she had conquered the world after all the other big movers killed each other of and now she was the only one with any real power left.

She could have anything she wanted.

People were saying that she was like a physical manifestation of the seven deadly sins, and though this was not really true it might as well have been, seeing as how there was nothing that could stop her from doing whatever the hell she wanted too.

Of course, the gluttony she had given in to had caused her to put on some weight, but who cares if her belly is big and round, she thought it was fairly pleasant.

Then there was the lust, it had been too long since she had last gotten any action and since she started taking love slaves she found that she couldn't stop.

This led to a very large number of half-dragons running around, but yet again she didn't mind, they were still her children after all, even if they weren't full dragons.

She spoke to a half-dragon standing near the exit.

"Bring the prisoner"

"Yes mother" The half-dragon replied as she marshed away.

While she waited she might as well grab a snack, so she reached into a big cage full of screaming elves and grabbed a couple before devouring them whole.


And here comes the prisoner, the last survivor of the adventuring party that the infernal elf had been part of.

Some sort of bard, Elan was it? Yes that was it.

"Hello Elan" She hissed.

He looked up at her, struggling against his bonds.

"Do you know why you are not dead yet?" She asked.

Elan shook his head.

"Well then, i am going to give you a choice, you can either become one of my boy toys…or i can eat you here and now, what will it be" She leaned in and licked him in the face.

Elan whimpered

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