The ABD was stalking the schools corridors.

It was the middle of night and the only people there were her and the janitor who would always clean the place at night.

The plan, find the janitor, corner him, drag him into the sound-proof music rooms to avoid making a ruckus, have some fun with him, and then erase his memory of the event.

She had managed to remain in the school after it ended by using Invisibility.

The sound of a mop hitting the floor reached her ears, the janitor was nearby.
The ABD smirked to herself.

She snuck around a corner and stopped to listen, the sound seemed to be from just around the next corner.

She peeked around the corner and sure enough, there the janitor was.

She snuck up on him and knocked him unconcious.


The janitor woke up in the sound proofed music rooms to the sight of the ABD standing over him.

"Hello there" She said, lust in her eyes.

The janitor screamed.


Satisfied, the ABD left the school.

However, halfway to her home she realized that she had forgotten to erase the janitors memory.

…The principal was going to have a mad fit of rage if he found out. And he would find out, because boy-to…errr…the janitor would undoubtedly tell him.


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