Nale was sitting down in a glade in the forest.

Sabine had set him up for a "Blind Date" for Valentine's day and this was where he was supposed to meet her.

Knowing Sabine, it would likely end in a three-some…Did fiends even celebrate Valentine's?

Anyway, there he was, sitting on his ass like a…something…whatever.

His thoughts were interupted by the sound of wings fluttering.

Nale looked up…and nearly panicked when a giant Black Dragon descended on him.

"Hello handsome, want some spice?" The dragon said looking at him with lust in her eyes.

Unholy fiends, what had Sabine gotten him into?

The dragon came closer, swishing her hindquarters back and forth in a seductive way.

"Come here boy"



The IFCC were watching what was going on on their television while munching popcorn.

"Geez, that's some hot stuff" Nero said.

"Your Mileage Might Vary!" Cedrik muttered while stabbing himself in the face repeatedly with a spoon.

"You know you don't have to watch it" Lee sighed.

Suddenly Sabine came flying past them, muttering under her breath about being late and wanting to join in.

"…Okay…" Lee said.

"Hey boss…bosses…whatever…what's happenin- AGH MY EYES!" Qarr said/Screamed as he came fluttering in.

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