Closak and his minion Tim were standing in the hall of Crack Pairings.

"Sir, do you really think this is such a good idea?" Tim asked.

"Just shut up and do what you are supposed too would you?" Closak answered.

"Very well, but i don't have to like it"

With that Closak cast "SUMMON CRACK PAIRING!"

In a flash of light an Ancient Black Dragon, Belkar and Roy appeared in the room.

Closak proceeded to explain the situation. Neither Belkar or the dragon appeared to have a problem with it, though Roy looked like he wanted to get the hell out of there.

While Belkar and dragon "Got on with it" Closak was trying to convince Roy to join in.

"Look, i know you don't like this but you don't exactly have a choice in the matter" Closak told Roy.

"Feeling horny baby?" Belkars voice could be heard from some distance away.

Tim was currently hiding in a corner.

"I'm not doing it!" Roy said.

"Too bad, because as i said you do not have a choice…'EPIC DOMINATE PERSON!'"

Roy failed his save by a mile.

"Now go and hump the brains out of that dragon" Closak told him.

Roy walked over and joined in.

Meanwhile Closak went over to Tim in the corner "Get up and go fetch the video camera, i have a client in the lower planes who will pay a lot for this video!"

"With all due respect sir…I AM NOT WATCHING THAT!"

"Do i have to do everything myself?" Closak muttered as he went to get the camera himself.

Several years later there were reports of psychotic half-dragon halflings going on a killing spree in the town of Cliffport.

Closak was sitting in a couch and grinning "All is as i have foreseen!"

Tim perked up from the other side of the room "Umm sir…You are channeling Palpatine again"

"I know"

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