The ABD was flying over a forest looking for her next victim.

She had been having those urges again the last few days, so here she was looking to satisfy them.
And look at that, it seemed she had found quite the catch.


The Linear Guild were camping in the forest.

Due to a lack of firewood Nale had sent out Thog to get some.

"Thog get firewood for Nale. Thog make Nale happy Nale!" Thog spoke to himself as the began chopping down a old and very dead looking tree.

He didn't get very far before a shadow descended on him however, and when looking up he found his sight blocked by a enourmous Black Dragon.

He didn't have time to react before the dragon uttered "Dominate Person"


"Where is he anyway? It's been hours!" Nale complained, irritated at Thog's absence.

"Maybe we should look for him?" Sabine suggested "That moron might have gotten lost or something"

And so it was that the two of them went looking for Thog


The ABD got up.

Now that her urges were "Satisfied" she had no reason to be here anymore.

"Greater Teleport" She said, leaving a very traumatized and very naked Thog on the ground.

Moments later Nale and Sabine arrived at the scene.

"What in the world happened here? THOG!" Nale shouted.

"Mean dragon girl give Thog cooties!" Thog wailed.

"Dragon…?" Nale said.

Sabine just smirked.

"Thog not feeling so good"

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