Roy/Belkar/Ancient Black Dragon

"Are you sure these rooms are completely soundproof?" Roy asked as they stepped into the music room

"Of course they are the" The Ancient Black Dragon answered "Let's just get started already" And with that she rolled over and laid on her back

"Come here boy"


Elan and Vaarsuvius were heading into the soundproofed music rooms so Elan could teach V to properly play the flute. This had been decided after V had nearly rendered someone deaf after a horribly failed attemp at playing some sort of melody.

However, as they walked into the room they found it occupied by a giant black dragon lying on her back and roaring in pleasure, with ROY of all people on top of her.

When they noticed the newcomers the two of them stopped and the dragon said "Why hello there, like to join in? There's room for all three of you"

V turned decidely green at that and promply went running out into the hallway. Elan was just confused.


"Are you telling me that slutty dragon has been at it AGAIN!" The principal practically screamed.

"Yes sir, that is exactly what i am saying" V answered.

"Aww, i wanted to join to!" Sabine complained. She had been sent to the principal for making out with Nale during class.

"And you, extra homework!" The principal screamed at Sabine.

"Bu-" Sabine started

"NO BUTS!" The principal roared

"Hehehe, buts" Belkar said to himself. He was currently hiding just outside the principals office, in a position where he could hear everything that went on in there. Come to think of it this seemed to be a good opportunity to use that air-born love potion he got a while back.

And with that Belkar quicky opened the door, threw the potion in, and slammed the door shut again before running off laughing to himself.

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