Lien/Lien (Part 1)

Lien sighed. Today was another boring day on guard duty. Standing around the castle, nothing special. The paladin looked out to the ocean longingly. It was a deep blue, a lot like her hair color…

Today is gonna be a long day, she thought.

Standing around, pacing at times, trying to think of other things to pass the time. Lord Shojo had asked for Sangwaan at one point – saying Mr. Scruffy wanted some answers for something or other – but otherwise, no excitement.

Suddenly, a bright light flashed out of nowhere. When Lien opened her eyes again, she saw a portal hovering vertically a few inches off the ground. The portal was about a foot and a half taller than her and looked generally like what the Rift had been described as looking like, only a dark shade of green. Muffled sound could be heard from the other side, and soon a figure emerged.

The person – well, he looked like a human draped in shadow. He was somewhat average in height, and wore a dark green shirt with violet overalls. His dark brown hair was difficult to see under his hat, which looked like a baseball cap with a shorter, thicker, and less-stiff-looking brim, and was dark green with the exception of a white circle on the front. Upon the circle was an “L” which leaned somewhat towards the left.

However, more interesting to Lien than the man was the person he was carrying in his arms. The unconscious figure appeared to be none other than… herself?!

The shadowed person, once fully out of the portal, bent down and laid the unconscious Lien at the other Lien’s feet. As he was getting up, he uttered, “About time we started this…”

“Just who are you?!” spouted the first Lien, pointing her spear at the shadower.

“Erm, I’m just a random stranger passing through,” responded the character, with only a hint of nervousness. “What’s more important is that I’ve done what I need here.”

“What- what the heck are you doing?” asked Lien, eyeing the stranger suspiciously.

“Going by what the dice rolled,” replied the man. “Whatever, I’m done now. Byez!” With that, he stepped back into the portal, which disappeared with another flash once he was inside.

“…What the heck just-“ started the first Lien, but she was interrupted by murmurs from the unconscious Lien. The first Lien knelt down to lift the other, and hoisted her up on her shoulder. Suddenly, the unconscious Lien’s eyes opened slowly.

“Wh- wha-”

Suddenly, as the second Lien realized just who she was looking at, she quickly sprang awake and stumbled back a bit.

“Wha- What the heck is this?!”

“You know, Shadow, you’re really a jerk.”

“Hey, I didn’t want her to be unconscious. Ghost Guy just got carried away.”

“You still went along with it!”

“What else was I gonna do?”

“And why do you keep trapping me as a girl?! It’s not funny!”

“Ooh, listen to poor widdle Cady, getting all upset-”

“Stop calling me that!”


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