Lien/Lien (Part 2)

“Wait, WHAT? How- that- whu- HOW?” Yunji stared incredulously at Lien, who had just relayed the events of a few hours ago.

“I don’t know. I guess that shadowy guy must have been some powerful wizard.” Lien shrugged. “Anyways, then he left and the… other me woke up. We freaked out a bit, she fainted, and we got her to a cleric.”

“Is she okay?” asked Jiaya.

“Apparently she had been hit by a load of nonlethal damage, which is why she was unconscious earlier. The cleric brought up her HP, but then she went to sleep. She must have been tired from losing to that shadow guy.”

The three paladins stood around for a few seconds, avoiding eye contact.

“So, uh,” began Lien, “how’ve you two been?”

Yunji got a shocked look on her face. “Uh, well, err… we’ve been kinda, um… close…”

“What Yunji means,” interjected Jiaya, “is that we’ve… err… hooked up.”

“Really?” asked Lien. “I didn’t… I never really thought of you as one to date, Yunji. You’ve always been shy around people…”

“Well, it’s actually a funny story,” offered Yunji, her cheeks turning a pale red. “See, back on New Year’s Eve, Miko…”


“Oh, are you awake?”

“Whu… what happened?”

“You’ve been asleep for a few hours. Are you feeling all right?”

“Yeah, I think I’m okay…” Lien sat up in a bed, rubbing her head. “That ghost guy was really taking cheap shots…”

“Your… a-hum, meeting didn’t exactly help, either…”

“Um, meeting?”

“…Well, needless to say, it’s quite unbelievable, the situation you’ve landed in.”

“What are- wait, you mean that there’s-”

“Yup. Two of you.”

“That wasn’t a dream? Then… I… oi,” groaned Lein, clutching her face. “Just… can you take me to… other me?”

“Just get some sleep. We’ll have you two meet in the morning.”


“It’s still a month away, though!”

“Yeah, but why bother changing you back now if you have to be a girl for the theme week?”

“Be…cause… I like being a guy?”

“But I likez your awkward feelingness!”

“Why the heck do you like awkwardness so much? My gender, Lien and Lien, your obsession with bodyswapping…”

“That reminds me, I need to actually set up the structure for that plot…”

“One story at a time!”

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