The Crack Pairings Community

Despite the fact our original threads on the Giantitp forums have been closed down, the OOTS Crack Pairings Community continues to thrive in other places. If you're interested in new stories and art not featured on the Wiki, or you'd like to discuss crack pairings with like-minded individuals, check out these places:'s Order of the Stick Archive: is a great place for finding new stories and uploading your own, whether they qualify as crack or not. OOTS Crack Forums: This is a small but enthusiastic community of crackfic writers and artists who discuss the stories and other subjects in these forums. New members are more than welcome.

Livejournal Community: We now have a community on Livejournal for sharing and discussing crack pairings. Join us!

Archive of Our Own: A collection of OOTS fanfic. Not all are crack pairings, but it's another great places to read through excellent fanfiction and contribute your own.

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