Durkon was starting to get bored staring at the dunes passing by and his mind wandered back to that first night with Miko after they where captured by her.

The entire order was asleep and Durkon was his sleeping pallet ready when he heard a cough from behind him.
"I don't know if you remember me but, when I was on a mission to the dwarfen lands you saved me from a goblin attack and I would just like to thank you. So… thank you."
"Don' mention i' lassie, I think ye thanked me enough back then." Durkon said. This made Miko blush a deep crimson, "Please do not mention that again that night was a stain on my honor, AND DO NOT THINK WE WILL REPEAT THAT, you are still my prisoner and I was young and foolish, if anything you took advantage of me dwarf. So good night." With that she stomped across camp to her sleeping pallet.
"Oookay" Durkon said, turning back to his bed.
"What was that all about?" Roy asked. Propping himself on his arm.
"Nothin lad, nothin. Jus' somethin' from before I joined ye"
"Well good night, have a nice sleep."

"Durkon… Durkon, gods man snap out of it," Durkon came out of his memories to Roy shaking him.
"Sorry Roy, 'm jus' tired is all, won' 'appen again lad… it won' 'appen again."
They continued there treck through the desert, the sun raising behind them.

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