Julio Scoundrel/Julia Greenhilt

Julio (or was it Julie, now? This was going to take some getting used to,) stormed through the streets, quite thoroughly pissed. He (she?) wasn't even sure what happened. H/She remebered a bar, remembered making propositions to an elf, but that was all. Now, the former "Sexiest man alive" was now just a reasonably attractive woman.

Well… no. Reasonably attractive was a bit of an understatement. Julio's Charisma stat had remained unchanged during this strange predicament. However, that was now an annoyance, as several males had walked up to her and made sexual propositions, which she understandably wasn't interested in. That would explain why she was in this alleyway, pacing back and forth. Eventually, she decided that all this sulking about was pointless. She was still Julio Scoundrél, and she could still be a world renowned ladies man, even if it would be slightly more awkward.

After the first few bars, though, it became apparent that that idea would not work. Strangely enough, it was more diffcult to pick up women when you yourself were a woman. She had, however, gotten several free drinks from hopeful guys. Julio soon had the brainwave that she would have to find a way to change back into the man everyone knew and worshipped. She pondered, and eventually decided on finding a wizard or cleric who could reverse this condition.

It took her a while to find anyone who didn't just want to get into Julio's pants and could actually back up their claims of magical ability, but eventually, she found someone by the name of Julia. Julio expected a wizened woman who obviously held massive amounts of arcane power. This was not, by any means, what she expected. Instead, this Julia looked like she had too high of a Charisma to just be a wizard, and not nearly enough Wisdom to avoid dressing like that. Still, this was the best Julio could get, and she didn't really care, as long as Julia could remove this curse.

"You know I have a price, right?"

"Of course," Julio thought. How typical of a wizard, especially a teenage one, to demand a lump sum for their magic. It didn't really matter now, though.

"Sure. How much gold do you want?"*

"Oh, I think you misunderstand me. I'm not after your gold. I want something a little different." As she was saying this, Julia began creeping towards Julio, grabbed her hand, and led her to the nearest inn. As the night's events continue to unfold, the one thought that dominated Scoundrél's mind was "Heh… Still got it."

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