Slowly,she awake.The first thing that came to mind was that she was not in her bed… with the eyes moving quickly,she sees a hobgoblin…he used to walk with Readcloak…dark blue cape,died once…Jirix!He was holding her Xykon doll,he looked curious.She tried to shout but noticed her mouth was covered by some cloth…but a sound was made,loud enogh for Jirix,turn and look at her
"So…you're awake.Good.I got some questions…you don't seem to like too much our Supreme Leader…why I ask?He has been good to all of us!"
Another time,she tried to say something.No distinguishable words,only moans
"Oh,yes you can't talk…that won't make a difference…the awnser would not change what is about to happen aniway.Someone who dislikes our Supreme Leader is unaccepetable around here.So,you ARE going to like him…wanting our not"
At the same time he started to untie her and she was already planning that little bastard's punishment some weird smell entered the room,and everything blurred a little,she got dizzy and felt…something.She did not remenbered that feeling…and then happines came,Jirix started to whisper something in her ears,she could not understand what he said he was going to do with her,but it couldn't be bad…could it?
Hours later,she was back in her bed.The memories of what happened was blurred,a bit of a head ache appeared aswell.Deciding to walk around she came across Readcloak.He asked her some favor…without thinking twice,she said…"Yes,Supreme Leader" and walked away,with sleepy eyes and a small smile in the face…

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