"You Damn Brat!"
Nale, barely able to contro his anger, stomped towards the smirking, dark-skinned teenager. She was tied to a chair, with her hands behind her back.
She was there for three days now, each other's sole company.
Sabine was over in the demonic realms, searching for powrful demonic allies who would join their cause.
Nale didn't want to think about how exactly she would persuade them.
Thog was patrolling the city streets, looking for the occasional victim that could be lured to their apartment near the city square. Nale was stuck at the warehouse, guarding Julia. He felt angry, and frustrated, and bored to tears,
so he removed her gag in order to chase the boredom away by taunting her.
He didn't think he was going to be the one to lose his temper first.
She kept smirking even as he drew his sword and let the point rest against her throat.
"I warn you, little girl: disrespect me once more and I'll kill you without a second thought! keep. your. mouth. shut."
He looked into her eyes then, wily, chocolate-brown, and deep. they twinkled with mischief. he knew that she was looking into his eyes as well, and was enraged to see that what she saw there made her smirk grow wider.
still he did nothing to follow up on his threat.
he was lost, in her eyes, those warm and stinging eyes, locked with his own blue and cold ones. he lowered his sword. a sense of peace washed over him.
She got up from his chair, and somehow he did not find this very alarming.
he opened his mouth to protest -
she reached forward then, and her lips locked on his.
Nale's mind went blank - his lover was a sex demon, but still nothing Sabine could do ever came close to this feeling.
he felt hot, as if the was burning iron under his skin. his face prickled, her hair stinging his face as they leaned deeper into each other's embrace.
she put a hand through his hair, massaging his neck.
Nale wished this moment could go on forever: just him and this dark-skinned angel, locked in this white-hot moment for all eterni-
"Thog can be brown, thog can be blue, thog can be violet sky, Thog can be hurtful, thog can be purple, thog can be anything you'd likeee… Nale, not-nale is in city!.
Nale pushed Julia away, gagged her, and tied her in the chair before Thog could round the crates hiding him from the door. He was shaking. he looked down at Julia, saw the affront and hurt in her eyes, and cursed the universe for making him who he is, for putting him in this position, for forcing him to break the first time in his life that he felt complete and happy.

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