Redcloak/Haley/Zz'dtri/Crystal/Hieronymus Grubwiggler

Hieronymous Grubwiggler sat impatiently at his desk, frog-spotted hands fidgeting with all assortment of scrolls and pens. "They should be here already, dammit! Whats taking so long? Azure city isn't -that- far away!" He stands up slowly, walking over to the cutting room slabs. He runs his grubby hands over the two bodies lying there. His green fingers sliding first over the ebon skin of the elf, then caressing the pale, creamy skin and short dark hair of the human female. "Hmmm, both fine specimens to begin rebuilding my guards. And so kind of Bozzok to provide the body of this bitch to attempt to make up for his role in all of that. Now…. if that blasted goblin wasn't lying, the sweetest part of tonight should be arriving shortly."

He turns to the doors at the sound of a loud knock, an evil grin creeping across his face as he whispers. "Perfect." He stands by the cutting slabs as Giro shuffles over to throw open the doors, leading in the red-cloaked goblin and his bound prisoner. Grubby's face keeps its evil grin as he walks over to the pair, picking up a ceremonial dagger along the way. "You actually caught her… marvelous."

Redcloak nods nervously, a bit put-off by the strange man. "Yes, caught her sneaking into the keep with some members of the Resistance."

Grubby grins again, using the point of the dagger under her chin to lift the gagged females face. "Well then, I suppose its fortunate I still keep in touch with my old friend Xykon. Imagine my luck, that the same woman I'm looking for would happen to break into his stronghold. Your money is on the desk" He leans closer as the goblin moves to retrieve the payment, giving the woman an evil look. "You should never have stolen from me 4 times and expected to get away with it!" He sends the dagger plunging into her throat, enjoying the sounds of her gagged screams and the look of terror in her eyes.

Grubby stands there triumphantly, robe soaked in blood. He runs a finger through the short red hair on the woman's head, still grinning his evil smile. "Yes… revenge and new guards, all in one night…. perfect." He looks over the bodies, frowning slightly. "But hmmm…. too many bodies for one golem, not enough for two…." He turns his head to look at the goblin, fixing him with that evil glare and grin. "I believe I may have one last favor for you, Redcloak." He advances on the goblin with the dagger even as ethereal chains spring up and encircle the poor, doomed Redcloak.

<Intermission, and then a few hours later….>

Grubby stands triumphantly next to his two new creations. The female looking flesh golem made from the remains of Haley and Crystal, and the male-ish flesh golem made from the corpses of Zz'dtri and Redcloak. He laughs manically as the creatures rise from the cold stone slabs, looking them over with a gleam in his eye. "Yes yes! Finally! And now… to test you out…" He catches sight of his assistant, Giro, slinking away into the back room.

"No no, Giro." He speaks low, but with the power of command. As he speaks he slips out of the robes, revealing his naked toad-skinned body. "You know the rules…. you have to stay and watch."

Poor Giro cowers and whimpers in the corner as his master begins 'testing'.

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