Ancient Black Dragon/Tsukiko/Monster in the Dark

Tsukiko was pretty drunk now. She had been drinking for over three hours. Ale, wine, whisky, cider, any kind of alcohol had entered her body by now. Well, except for the medicinal kind. That would have been kind of deadly, and she couldn't zombiefy herself. She had to drink all this alcohol, because today had not been fun.

While expanding Team Evil's base into Azure City's cellars, they had found a strange fortified room. According to some dusty documentation found in the city's library, that room contained some very interesting creature. An auriental dragon. The room had been built as a stronghold to prevent it from breaking out. After getting all the locks sorted out, which took way too much work, they had prepared to open the doors, when some kind of discharge within the room had blown them off. 70 goblins had been splattered to bits by the explosion, and Tsukiko had had to spend the entire afternoon to clean them up and zombiefy them. That had been strike one.

When the smoke had cleared, it had appeared some crazy wizard had killed the dragon. From a distance. Zapped into oblivion. A beautiful, black and red, mightily long ancient auriental dragon. When Tsukiko had moved in the zombiefy the dragon, that green bastard Redcloak had forbidden it, citing the lack of stronghold to keep it in and that the magic deployed to kill it had been very powerful. That had been strike two.

Strike three had been when Xykon, that bag of bones, had conveniently ignored her while she tried to sway him into allowing her to resurrect the dragon. And to consider she had simply offered him some hot undead-on-undead action! The ungrateful bastard.

So, here she was, soaking herself in Bacchus' arms. She glanced up as she vaguely noticed someone waving his hands at her. The barman.

"I'd like another cider, yes.", she mumbled incoherently.

The barman replied that she had to leave. The bar had actually closed since half an hour, and he really wanted her out of here. Tsukiko sighed, and got up. She stumbled towards the exit, and into the ruined city.

It took her way too long to reach Team Evil's base. She had slipped twice, falling face-first in the mud, stumbling through the city's deserted streets, hitting several buildings en-route.

But here she was. Back home. Bleagh. Now, where was her room? And why were the walls wooshing around? She stumbled into the base, wobbling into some room, and tripped over something soft. Again Tsukiko fell flat on her face. She lay there for a while. Then she heard a voice:

"Are you alright? Miss Pigtails?!?"

It took a while before she recognised the voice as that of the Monster in the Dark. "Yeaesssh", she drunkily answered.

"Oh, that's good to know. Have you come to play?"

Tsukiko groped around with her hands, around in the dark. Finally she found something. It was fluffy. The MitD quickly said:

"Oooh, Miss Pigtails, you should not touch me there…"

Tsukiko put both her hands on the fluffy body part, then climbed up into the fluff.

"Moanshhter…ishh tat youuu?!?" she slurred. She glanced up, seeing two faint yellow arcs in the dark.

"Miss Pigtails, not there! It tickles! Besides, …daddy…told me I should not let strangers touch me there…"

Tsukiko did not really hear the words. The fluffy fur felt so much like a teddybear she had had when she was young. She clasped the fur in her hands, climbing up into what apparently was some part of the MitD's body, tightly snuggling up to it. She uttered, mostly muffled by the fur: "Youor shooo shoft!"

"Miss Pigtails!" The MitD started to sound distressed.

Tsukiko wrapped herself into the fur, pulling what appeared to be loose skin tightly around her, and fell asleep.

Tsukiko woke up. She laid in her bed, naked, and felt sore. She vaguely remembered last night. The alcohol. The long stumble back home. The MitD. The soft fur. And then…

…she could not remember right away. Drowsily, she looked up. The room was pretty dark. Something felt…odd. The memories slowly began to trickle back. She…remembered.

She had gotten up, after a strange dream about her other toy, which had been a purple dragon. So cute. Together with the MitD she had gone down to the exploded dragon stronghold. There she had done…things. Many things. With the auriental dragon corpse. The MitD had watched.

Then she had begged that fluffy MitD to join in, and something had happened, she could not really remember what… The MitD had stepped out of the shadow, hadn't it? Yes, that was it. And then… And then…then…she could not remember. At all. Something. It had involved fluff. And hands. And…and…bleh.

It should have been a dream, but somehow it felt so real. Weird. She still felt odd. Finally, Tsukiko became aware of the banging on her door. Someone seemed to scream, too.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming" Tsukiko shouted.

She got up, totally forgetting to put on some clothes due to her hangover, and walked to the door. She unlocked it. Opened it. Tsukiko still stood in the dark, as Redcloak stormed in.

"Tsukiko, what have you done?!?" he shouted, his face deep green with anger. "Could you explain why…*why*…WHY…?!? Just say so! WHY?!? What did you do last night?!? Remember what we said? Remember?!?"

"Wut are you talking about, Redcloak…?" Tsukiko absently asked.

Redcloak screamed from the top of his lungs:
"Why is there a…what seems to be a furry pregnant undead Dragon in the Dark in the cella…"

Redcloak halted. He had just seen something that was much, MUCH more horrifying than the fluffy furry horror in the cellar. Morning light fell into the room, faintly illuminating it, as well as Tsukiko.

"Well, what?" Tsukiko drowsily said. Slowly, some cells in her brain told her Redcloak seemed to be staring at her. She stepped in his direction.

"Don't you get close to me!" Redcloak hysterically screamed, as more of Tsukiko's body came into the light. He took a step back.

Finally, something doomed up in Tsukiko's mind. She glanced down. Her scream rocked Azure City.


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