Celia/Mr Scruffy

Celia: Ooooh! Kitten!
Mr. Scruffy: Purrrrr! PuuuuuuRRRRRRRR! PUUUUURRRR!!!!!
Roy: Celia! What are you doing?!?
Celia: Stroking a kitten!
Roy: …yes.
Celia: It especially seems to like being stroked here.

Celia points at a certain spot on the bottom side of Mr. Scruffy.

Roy (facepalms): Celia, could you come with me, and please listen to me? I need to tell you something important. And please put on some clothes.
Celia: Of course, dear.

Nine months later:
Durkon: …and what happened then, lass?
Celia: I got up, and out popped this furry thing with cat ears. It must be some mutant freak parasite!
Durkon: …
Roy: Celia, remember that talk I gave you about nine months ago? After that incident with Mr. Scruffy?
Celia: Yes? I thought you were warning me against putting my hand in his mouth…
Roy: …………gods, why?

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