The Eye of Fear and Flame/Haley

Haley adjusted her uniform. She pulled her shirt straight, and checked whether her skirt was still in one piece.

She had just come off the Tokio underground, and again the women-only carriages had been full. So she had to take the mixed ones, full of the usual pervs. They had tried to molest her, as usual, but after what she had done to them, they'd never try again. The main issue with her solution would be that she just filled the women-only carriages a bit more… She did hope that none of them would circulate under-skirt mobile phone panty shots of her on the internet as a revenge.

But of course, all that was nothing compared to what she would have to do today. Haley grinned. The school she went to had been possessed by a truly evil demon. She really had to eradicate it today, otherwise the Order would be rather unhappy with her. Haley set off to her highschool in a determined mind.

Once there, she greeted several of her classmates. She quickly took the stairs to the second floor. But before she could reach it, someone called out her name.

"Hey Haley!"

Haley turned around. Of course it was him. Elan. Another member of the Order, but one that was kept out of the more 'special' operations. Why now?!? Just when she didn't need him at all. Elan ran to her, his blonde-tainted hair waving up and down.

"Look, Haley, I can make a puppet illusion with blue clothes!" With these words Elan showed off his newest puppet illusion. Haley looked at it, told him it was looking "Real good", and then made use of his puppet-obsession by pointing out some non-existing puppets and quickly slipping away while Elan looked for the puppets.

Haley quickly reached the second floor, and walked straight to the Biology Class. She carefully pushed open the door. No-one was there, as Biology classes only happened in the afternoon. She equally carefully closed the door, locked it, and walked to a cupboard. There He sat. His hollow orbits dark with emptyness, his bare bones hidden in the shadows. Although just a skull, this was a creature of pure evil, a tremendous demon from the nether dimensions. It spoke:

"Hey, chickie, come again to get spanked?"
"Nah, today it's you that is going to get spanked."

The skull's hollow orbits suddenly flamed with fire, and it launched itself out of the cupboard, narrowly missing Haley's head. The draft created by the sudden movement caused Haley to lose balance. She fell backwards. When she tried to right herself, she spotted the skull carefully inspecting her nether areas.

"Fancy panties, chickie. Pink with light blue lines. Mmmmmh, tasty birdie."
"Eye of Fear and Flame, you PERV! But this time I came prepared! Bag of Holding!"

Taking out her bag of holding, Haley plunged her hand into it, pulling a lighted firecracker out. She threw it right in front of the Eye, temporarilly blinding it. Haley lunged at the skull, and clasped her hands around it. The Eye of Fear and Flame gasped. Kneeling down, Haley brought it to the same level as her own head. She said, with malice in her eyes:

"I told you today was my turn."

With these words she drew the skull closer to her face. She licked her lips. This was going to be fun. She then kissed the Eye right on his fleshless mouth. As again he gasped, she pushed her tongue into his mouth, licking his bare teeth and jaws, while at the same time stroking the back of the skull. She could see the fire in its eyesockets flare up. She moved her right hand so that she could hold the Eye tightly against her lips one-handed. With her left hand she began unbuttoning her shirt, revealing a sexy pink frilly bra. She pulled away from the skull. Pointing its eyesockets at her chest she said:

"Here, want to go down a bit?"

The Eye of Fear and Flame didn't answer. It oggled Haley's bra instead.

"I'll make it a bit easier for you. Like this." Grinning, Haley pulled down her bra, and lowered the Eye. "You may call me "Mistress", by the way."
The Eye stammered "A-Ar-Are y-you going to str-strip entirely?"
"Are you going to strip entirely, Mistress?"
"No, not entirely. Just enough for you to do your job."

Haley pushed the Eye against her chest, this time gasping herself. She then flicked up her short skirt, and slipped down her remaining hand…

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