Roy's Sword/Bone Golem Roy

Due to a mysterious cataclysmic event, bone golem Roy and Roy's sword ended up on a deserted island with exactly two trees at the center and sand everywhere else, except obviously there where the sea was.

A few months had passed by now, and the lack of food, water, and social interaction (as far as a bone golem needs them) were taking their toll on bone golem Roy. Today he was wandering around the beaches in his usual sorry state.


On the other hand, Roy's sword had none of these problems. The salt had not damaged its metal in any way, while the sanding action of the sand carried by the wind had kept its surface smooth and glistening. Today some sea water kept rolling over Roy's sword, giving it a decidedly wet appearance.

Until now, bone golem Roy had felt only somewhat lonely, mostly missing a Master. The palm trees had not showed any interest in him, instead dropping coconuts on his head. Now bone golem Roy ambled towards the beach on which Roy's sword lay baking in the sun. Bone golem Roy spotted it instantly, and something about its position awoke something in him. Something fiery.

"Neeeeehhhhhhhhd Looooaaaaav"

He eyeballed Roy's sword. Waves splashed over Roy's sword glistening metal body, and the hot sun made it gleam. Hundreds of droplets reflected the sun at once. Bone golem Roy only knew one way to react:

"Shhhwwwwooaaard Looooooaaaav Meeeeeeeh?"

Roy's sword caught some sunlight on its tip, shining the light back at Bone golem Roy, apparently acquiescing his question.

"Shhhwwwwooaaard Looooooaaaav Meeeeeeeh!!!!!!"

Bone golem Roy threw himself at Roy's sword, tightly embracing it. He began stroking Roy's sword heft, and soon called out:

"UUuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhHHhh! Shhhhwooaard LOAAAAAAVSSS MEEEEEEH!!!"

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