Sarah Greenhilt/Roy's Archon

It had taken some tries, but finally Roy's Archon had did it. The first delivery had failed miserably due to an obvious lack of hands to carry the flowers. Poor little Archon had ended up covered in flowers right in front of the florist, and had narrowly escaped being swept up by the Heavenly Sanitary Service Snakes (HSSSs).
The second time that stupid NPC Archon had asked to deliver the flowers had decided to try and have a swing at Sarah itself. Sadly, being a heavenly butterfly punk that had painted itself bright red it had been swatted by the HSSSs, who thought it was an invader from Hell.
The third time he had chosen the wrong type of flowers and had attracted a large swarm of flower-eating bats. One of which had thought he was a tasty flower and had tried to eat him. Five weeks in Heaven's main hospital. The doctor said there would not be any major consequences.
The fourth time…well, let's not talk about the fourth time.
The fifth time was the right one, and Archon had dipped a cart full of flowers into Sarah's garden. Now he was sitting here, in her utterly awesome mansion, with that hot gir…woman in front of him. Roy sure had luck to have such a hot mom!

A good meal later, and they were chatting yet again. Archon quickly understood this was the moment to act, before this just ended up being a fun evening out instead of a hot one.

Sarah said: Archon, where are you going?
Archon: To a place where we can have some *real* fun.
Sarah: But Archon! That's my bedroom over there! Sure you don't think we…oh. You really do, don't you?
Archon: Yes.
Sarah: But you must realize, we humans have certain body parts required for making love! You lack them!
Archon: Oh, but, Madam, I am sure I can please you in ways no human lover could please you!

With these words, Roy's Archon nudged and winked as good as an archon could, and continued towards Sarah's bedroom. Sarah, intrigued, followed.

Here he was, ready to enter Sarah's place of love, a place so sweet, so fluffy, he would make her enjoy the whole ride, again and again.

Sarah gasped.

It was true. That little Archon could please her in each and every way she ever wanted. And unlike some of her other partners, he could just continue doing it.

She gasped again.

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