Xykon and Kazumi meet in some undefined place, obviously they've been exchanging love-laced letters since a very long time and only managed to get a date going right now, away from their loved/loving/necrophile/subordinate mates. They then go to their love nest. Obviously, this place is a cave, with bats.

As Kazumi enters the cave, she sports a cute, fluffy looking bat baby on the ground. Obviously it fell down from mommy-bat's nest.

Xykon: You know those bats are vampires?
Kazumi: It's a baby! Babies don't hurt mommies, and I'm a mommy too!

Kazumi takes the bat bby in her hands, and starts talking baby-talk to it. She then looks around and instantly spots the mummy-bat, and puts the baby back in the nest.

Xykon: Are you done?
Kazumi: Yes, dear.
Xykon (notices something on Kazumi's wrist): Have you scraped yourself against the rock?
Kazumi (notices she's bleeding a bit): Must be, dear.

They quickly get to business.

Kazumi: Oooh Xykon! Cutie! Let's see what you look like under that cloak of you.

Kazumi starts to gracefully remove Xykon's cloak, but ends up shredding it as she uncovers Xykon's sexy, smooth, whitish body. Her eyes seem to be turning a bit reddish.

Kazumi: Oops.
Xykon: Kazumi, my love-bird, that cloak was tattered and bad. I have spares.
Kazumi: I feel…strange. Must be the sight of your strong male body!

Unbeknownst to both of the lovers, Kazumi's canines slowly elongate. She is too fuelled up to notice.

Kazumi: Here, let me lick your stark-naked neck vertebrae.
Xykon: Mmmmmmhhh, yes.

Kazumi nibbles on Xykon's neck, trying to bite him but finding no hold-fast. She notices a certain craving for blood, yet realizes Xykon cannot supply it. Then she realizes there another fluid that could supply her needs. She slowly moves down, sensually following his bony body with her tongue. Soon she reaches a certain part of his body.

Kazumi: Well, you certainly have a big bone here, don't you, Xykon-cutie?!?

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