Crystal's POV
Never had I felt like this before… sure, I'd slept with a few people… I'd dated… but… I never felt what I saw the moment I saw him… I don't know what it was… maybe it was his eyes… maybe it was his teeth… maybe it was that fur… but I knew, the moment I saw him, that I was fully in love with Argent the Celestial Wolf. (A/N: Sorry if I got the species wrong, too lazy to look it up)
I didn't want to face judgment, so I was just staying out in the waiting area, talking with those who passed through. It had been several weeks, and I was a bit bored, with nobody to talk to, when Argent walked out. Never before had I seen such grace, such beauty, especially from an animal. He slowly walked over to me, as if he could tell that I needed somebody to talk to.
"Hello," I had said. The moment I said it, I noticed that my voice was a bit softer than normal. He simply walked a bit closer and gently nuzzled up against me. We talked a bit, as much as we could without sharing a language. Eventually, he left to go back to his afterlife, and I felt a bit hollow inside, but the moment I saw him come back the next day, I was ecstatic. This continued for several months, and we grew closer. One night, we were lying together, and I had my arms around his neck. He nuzzled up against me, in a particularly female place, if you know what I mean, and that's what set it off. That night, we became closer than we had ever been… it was wonderful… and now, months later, we have a child, Half-Human, Half-Celestial Wolf… I never knew it could happen, but I'm glad it did… I love Argent… I know back in the mortal realm they're trying to resurrect me… but I can't go… I'm too happy now. Argent brings out the best in me… he makes me so happy, and I make him happy…

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