MiTD/Entitre Hobgoblin Army

"C'mon, it's time for some exercise." The hobgoblin said, tossing the umbrella into the cage. "Tell me when you've got it working."
"It's kind of hard to tell when I'm in the darkness…" The hobgoblin rolled his eyes and opened the cage.
"Only stick the umbrella out, Redcloak don't want you to be revealed to ANYBODY. Yet." He chuckled slightly at his addendum as the Monster in the Dark stuck the umbrella out of the cage. It cast a magical shadow on the ground, and it stepped out of the cage, careful to remain under the shadow. It knew that it'd be punished if anybody saw its true form. 'Yet.'
"Okay, where are we going for the exercise?" It asked as it closed the cage behind it.
"We're just going for a walk, that's all. You'll be back soon, and you'll probably enjoy it… I know I will…"
"Ok then, goodbye Mr. Stiffy!" it called to his friend, in a separate cage, waving at him, despite the fact that he couldn't see. O-Chul sighed.
"Goodbye Monster-san, be safe," he said, waving back.
It was a short walk, the hobgoblin lead the monster into the courtyard, and stopped, before pulling out a conch shell and blowing on it.
"What was that for?" the monster asked.
"Just the signal," the hobgoblin smirked back in reply. Several more hobgoblins came into the courtyard, and began surrounding the pair.
"What signal?" the Monster asked, confused. He hadn't been told of anything out-of -the-ordinary.
"You'll see…" Slowly, more hobgoblins filed into the courtyard, continuing to surround them until there were several hundred, and escape would be impossible (or so they assumed).
"W-what's going on?"
"Can't you tell, Monster? We love you! We all do! And… we… lust for you as well…" the original hobgoblin said as he slowly walked towards the darkness.
"W-what?! No! No! Stop!"

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