Miko sighed as she walked through the halls of the inn, she couldn't believe what she was doing; she had just met… him? She knew nothing about… him? She didn't even know her gender! And yet here she was, standing at the door. She closed her eyes, and knocked on the door.
"Come in." Miko slowly opened the door, and there he was, his smooth elven skin seemed to be calling to her, his lips begging for hers, the robes… well, the less said there, the better. "Oh, its you."
"H-hello, Vaarsuvius," Miko replied shakily, after having her thoughts ended abruptly.
"I was not aware you knew my name," he snapped back at her, not noticing the slight blush on her face, even though he was glaring at her.
"What would make you think that?"
"I do not learn the names of people I hate that quickly."
"Hate?" Miko said, before giggling. Vaarsuvius was surprised by this, and readied one of the mighty arcane spells he had prepared. "I don't hate you…" Miko said, slowly approaching the elf. "Quite the contrary… I find myself overcome with attraction…" she said, running her finger under the elf's chin. He jumped back, reaching for his Spell Component Pouch. "Please, don't… I only want to be with you…"
"I do not think so, paladin. I am happy with my current spouse, even though we are currently many miles away, and even if I were not, I would sooner be with the halfling than with you."
"Please, Vaarsuvius… I-" Miko was cut off before she could finish, Vaarsuvius pulled a snake's tongue and honeycomb from his component pouch.
"Suggestion." Several thin beams of light shot from the components, to Miko's head. Her pupils diluted, and her irises turned purple. "Leave, now." Miko shuddered slightly, attempting to resist. "If you do not wish to face my more powerful spells, leave." Miko straightened out, and left, closing the door behind her. "I will be charging you 2 copper pieces for those!"

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