"The end, I suppose," Nale thought as he felt the rain hit his face and the waves lick at his chest. If he had been a Bard like his brother, he'd surely be pointing out to himself how fitting a death it was; physically drowning as his sorrow drowned him emotionally. Quite poetic. But, he wasn't a Bard, he was just Nale.

Of course, he wasn't always just Nale. He used to be a villain, and a damn good one if he said so himself, but it all fell apart in the final battle against his brother and his idiotic friends. The closest thing he'd ever had to a friend and the woman he loved were both dead, and he should be too. But he wasn't, for whatever reason. Instead, he had washed up on the shore of this island with 0 HP. It didn't really make any sense, but Nale didn't care anymore.

Nale's thoughts were broken when he began coughing up the rain that had collected in his mouth. It seemed he couldn't even die right. He sighed, and began debating whether he'd die from hypothermia or starvation, when a voice piped up behind him.

"Hello there." Nale didn't bother to look at who was talking.

"Go away. Let me die," he cough, the tide now up to his neck.

"Sorry, but I need some company, and I'm lacking the spell components and divine focuses I need to create undead. Cure Critical Wounds."

"Go away," Nale repeated, wincing as he felt some of his wounds numb and heal.

"Jeez, I'm saving your life, and you just keep telling me to go away."

"I didn't ask you to save my life."

"When did you turn so emo? I don't remember you being like this," the voice said.

"You know me?"

"We've met a few times." Nale sighed, before turning his head to see whoever was talking, and there stood a cute young lady with mismatched eyes in a black dress. Her hair, which if Nale remembered correctly was usually in ponytails , was wild, wet and knotted, and her dress was torn in several places. She had obviously been in some sort of struggle, likely a battle. "Recognize me now?" she asked, smirking and striking a pose.

"You're the Mystic Theurge from Azure City, right?" She smiled.

"Glad you could remember me, but I really prefer the title Necromancer."

"Great. So go make some zombies and leave me alone," Nale said, returning to his original position.

"I just told you, I can't cast my spells. You're the only company I have for now, and until that changes, I'm not letting you go," Tsukiko said, pulling Nale up from the sand.

"I'm flattered you care so much for my well-being," Nale replied, rolling his eyes. Tsukiko smiled.

"Well I'm going to need somebody to have fun with while I'm here."

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