“Where’s Xykon?” Roy asked, slowing down just enough to cleave the final zombie in the room in half.
“I’m afraid I do not know, Sir Greenshilt. He has simply disappeared… he is an epic spellcaster, you can never be sure of what they can do,” Vaarsuvius replied. Roy sighed.
“Just great., this was our best chance to stop him, and we’ve failed! WE might never get a chance like this again!”
“I don’t know Roy, we killed a lot of his minions, and even a wizard like him can’t just keep creating more,” the rogue, Haley said.
“Unless he makes zombies,” Elan pointed out. Roy just sighed again.
“Guys, we need to try and find him. Durkon, did you prepare Sending today?”
“Aye lad.”
“Good, and you V?”
“I did indeed, Sir Greenhilt.”
“Good, Haley, Elan, and Durkon, go east and search for Xykon. If you find him, contact us with Sending. I’ll take Belkar and Vaarsuvius, and if we find him, we’ll contact you,” Roy said, heading west with the elf and halfling following closely behind. They found nothing more than a few zombies and hobgoblins as they walked, and they were easily dispatched. Just as they were about to split up, they heard a voice.
“Mass Inf-“
“Hold Person.” Roy turned around to see Xykon’s most powerful Cleric on the ground, paralyzed, with Vaarsuvius smiling.
“Christmas came early for ol’ Belkar!” Belkar said, lunging at the goblin. Roy grabbed Belkar quickly, holding him back.
“Don’t even think about it, you little psychopath. We need him. He might be able to tell us where Xykon is…”

“Any luck V?” Roy asked, as the elf appeared.
“No, Sir Greenhilt. He is not afraid of me, I cannot get any information from him. Perhaps you would fare better.”

“Ok, talk. Where is Xykon?” Roy asked, holding his sword in a threatening way.
“Why would I tell you, human?” Redcloak spat.
“Because you are tied up at the moment, and I have a sword.”
“Your threats won’t work; I’ve suffered countless times under Xykon, both mentally and physically. You could say it’s granted me immunity to fear. And even if you did kill me, he’d simply have me resurrected; I am very valuable to him.” Roy shook his head, deciding to try a different approach.
“If he’s so bad, why do you stay with him? I’m sure he doesn’t value you beyond how useful you are to him, but if you joined the good guys, you wouldn’t just be any Cleric, you know.”
“He’s simply a tool; a way to reach my goal. And even though he is evil, and admittedly abusive, he does provide me with everything I need.”
“Everything? There is nothing that we could get you that he does not provide?”
“No, nothing.” Roy just sighed, this was getting him nowhere. There had to be something that Xykon didn’t give him. He obviously had no need for spellcasting aides, and he was obviously given enough food. Xykon has been a lich for at least a few decades, there had to be some things about being alive that he had forgotten. Roy scanned his memories, every memory, to see if he could find something. One memory stuck in his mind; Celia. It seemed so simple now!
“Really? I bet I can think of… one thing that he hasn’t given you…” Roy said, slowly leaning nearer the Goblin’s face…

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