Crystal sat in a tavern fifth teen miles outside of Thor knows where, she had been tracking Starshine for the last couple of weeks, but kept on remembering that you needed wisdom to actually track someone. She figured that if she kept going in one direction she’d find Starshine, but that wasn’t the only thing bugging her. She may not have a high enough wisdom to track Starshine but she had enough to pick up on the innuendo of what the halfing had said to her, and it was starting to bother her. Just as she was about to order another drink , three tall cloaked men walked into the tavern.

“Why do we have to stop here?” One of them whined.

“Because it’s snowing and we won’t be able to catch up with the elf and that red-haired rogue in the snow!” Another replied.

Crystal shot up upon hearing the words, ‘red-haired rogue’ and smiled, thinking she could solve both problems at once. “Hey, I can help you with that!” She screamed at the tall figures, “But I have a price.”

“And what would that be?” The third figure asked.

“ This!” She replied, talking them to the ground, ‘Yep, gonna fix all my problems for now!’

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