“Well….this is unexpected.” O-chul stated calmly, staring around the vast white void that was apparently The Snarl’s realm. He had had the misfortune to be launched in here by The Lich alongside the recently captured Ms. Starshine.

“You mean the fact that it’s a feature less plain or that we’re both not dead yet?”

“Both.” O-chul responded. He finally looked over to his…ally? Cell-mate, if this could be considered a jail? Yes, Cell-mate should work fine for this, O-chul decided. He finally took notice of his Cell-mate and realized she looked….attractive? Yes that would be the correct word, attractive. He found this rather strange that he was attracted to her so suddenly considering his utter lack of familiarity with her.

“Hello? O-chul?”

Really her fiery-red hair was amazing, he really had a hard time stopping himself from reaching out and grabbing it. He also noted that her eyes were a delicious looking chocolate brown; he really was getting lost in those eyes.

“What’s the matter O-chul? Snarl got your tongue?”

That outfit was almost to much to bear; it was beautiful in everyway, just like her. He really felt himself loosing his mind being close to her….wait; since when was he this easily swayed by a pretty-so beautiful-NO, he was a paladin he didn’t lose his composure so easily he shouldn’t b-almost want to reach out and k- this wasn’t normal. This WAS NOT normal. This had to be-

“O-chul? Are you stil-” He wasn’t sure what Ms. Starshine was about to say; and quite frankly he doubted she did anymore because they both suddenly found themselves at each other’s mouths. They quickly wrapped their arms around each other and embraced passionately for several minutes.

Unbeknownst to either O-chul or Haley, a creature of chaos and disorder was watching from afar. It had been ready to attack them to release some of it’s frustrations…but they reacted differently to it’s realm than most had. They had not screamed or cried; they had started radiating strange emotions it had never felt before and for the first time in it’s ancient existence, it felt the anger ebb away to be replaced. It didn’t know what this strange….feeling was, but it felt warm in it’s stomach and shrunk down to mortal size. It slowly stalked on the two creatures as they shed their clothing and as it watched it felt as if these two should…not die; definitely not die; they should be protected at all cost so that this feeling would stay; and for the first time in it’s existence, The Snarl knew happiness.

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