Vaarsuvius/Aarindarius (Part 1)

Vaarsuvius wandered through the forest outside her master’s tower, desperately holding onto her two remaining soul splices trying desperately to find the tower; her mind still fuzzy from the battle and escape from Xykon’s lair; she considered herself lucky she had managed to get off a teleport before Xykon could hit her with that rock. As she searches he mind wanders to better times, times before soul splices and liches.

“Master; is this how you do it?” A young Vaarsuvius asks, a rare smile on her face as a magic hand lifts a mistletoe up in the hallway.

“Yes, that’s how you do a Mage Hand spell, now hang up the mistletoe then we can set up the tree.” Aandaruis responds, using another Mage Hand to lift a few balls onto the tree.

“Master why do we set up trees and hang mistletoe?” Young Vaarsuvius asks, with her face scrunched up in thought.

“Because the author is lazy; We do it to celebrate all the happiness in the world.”

“Master, look up.”

Daruis looks up to see a mistletoe hovering over his head, only to lower it in time to see Young Vaarsuvius stand on her tip-toes and peck him on the cheek. He rubs his cheek, looking at his young apprentice with a fatherly smile, “I think you got the spell you little scamp. I’d get to bed if you want the Hogfather to bring you gifts.”

Just as she finished reminiscing over her favorite memory of Christmas with her master, she managed to find the door to his tower, and without a second thought knocked on it.

“Yes who is-Vaarsuvius?”

“Master, I-I need a safe place to-”

“Say no more, my home is always open to you.”

“Thank you.” Vaarsuvius quickly steps into the refreshing warmth of her master’s tower. She is greeted by a large number of familiar spells; it was obvious that her master hadn’t changed one bit, only she had.

“Would you like a cup of tea, I’d just made a pot.” Daruis queries, pouring himself a cup while silently casting a spell to summon up an additional chair for Vaarsuvius opposite his. He puts the pot down on the table between the two chairs and sits back down gesturing for Vaarsuvius to sit down as well.

“Thank you, I’d love one.” Vaarsuvius quickly lifted up the teapot and poured herself a cup of tea. She looked up at her master, gauging his reaction to her new appearance.

“If I may be so bold, what has led you back to my tower?”

“Several mistakes in quick succession.”

“That’s not an answer, Vaarsuvius.”

“….I overestimated my abilities and challenged someone stronger than me. I teleported away without thinking and I ended up at the safest place I could think of.” Vaarsuvius responds, sipping the tea.

‘That’s not the whole story is it, Vaarsuvius?’ Darius thought, wondering just why
Vaarsuvius was hiding something from him, only to disregard it as something she should be allowed to keep to herself.

“Master, would you mind if I spent the night here? I need a calm place if I am to maintain myself.”

“Of course, as I already said, my home is your home.”

“Thank you, master.” Vaarsuvius gets up and looks at her master again, realizing that for everything in her life that had changed, from her relationship with her mate to her appearance, Darius was something stable she could still rely on, and what she needed right now was stability, “Master, do you still put up your Christmas decorations?”

“Well, I don’t put most of the stuff up since I’m alone here, but we could put them up if you’re going to stay here.”

“That….that would be nice.” Darius silently casts a spell and several boxes fly from a basement up into the room alongside Darius and Vaarsuvius. For several minutes both of them dig through the box and start looking for the various decorations. After several grueling hours the tower now looks just like it did all those years ago. Vaarsuvius thinks back to that night all those years ago before speaking up.

“Master look up.” Darius looks up to see a mistletoe above his head, and looks down in time for Vaarsuvies to land her lips on his. As she grabs him and pulls him closer all she can think is, ‘Good old Darius, if nothing else I can always trust him to be the same man I knew all those years ago.’

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