Vaarsuvius/Aarindarius (Part 2)

“Choke on your useless goddamn magic!” Azurite blood everywhere. On her skin; ON HER HANDS.


“Stay away from us!” Her mate with a stick, staring at her with eyes full of fear; full of loathing.


“Two chumps” The lich fights her; draining her away slowly.

“Wake up!”

“A challenge to my rep?” The lich sends her falling to the ground.

“Please wake up, Vaarsuvius.”

“Fine; flee elf. Run, Run as fast as you can.” The lich mocks her as she runs. All her power and all she could do…was run.


Vaarsuvius stared up into her master’s eyes; somehow they had ended up in the same bed. Somehow, as she looked up into his eyes and thought back to her dream, she was happy that he was close by.

“What was wrong with you?”

“Nothing, Darius, it was just a nightmare.”

“Vaarsuvius I’ve had nightmares, but they don’t cut you off to the world. They don’t require me to cast spells to wake you up.”

‘But that would mean you have to go get your master’s help.’ The Fiend’s words resonate in his head.

“Master, it’s nothing, truly it’s nothing.”

‘Once again you lie to me Vaarsuvius, once again you refuse to let me help you, and once again, I question why?’ “Vaarsuvius you can tell me what’s wrong; what’s really wrong, I can help.”

‘What does the think he can do? Our epic slots are replenished.’ Oh right; those two, they had been quite all night.

‘We do not need his help to accomplish anything; If our spells are replenished then we must get going.”

‘Are you sure?’ She was regaining her ability to differentiate the two; that would be Jetron.

‘What do you mean, is she sure? Her teacher isn‘t even epic level ; he wouldn’t be of help against the lich.’

‘What kind of plan did we have when we went after Xykon? We tried hitting him with an Arcane Hammer. We did what he did and we found out he does it better.’

‘So how exactly does Aandarius help out with all of this? He’s not exactly a tactical genius and he hadn’t been an adventure in over century.’

‘He actually gives our host stability which, in turn, helps stabilize us. He provides our host with-’

‘STOP. We will not drag Aandarius into this….we have to accomplish this by ourselves.’ Vaarsuvius looks up at Darius, a kind smile gracing his face as he offered his hand out to her; offered to help. She forced his hand away, “Darius I don’t need help; I thank you for a day I will never forget, but I must be going.” She turned and dashed down the tower stairs.

“Vaarsuvius stop wait!” Darius started to run after her; but his strength, dexterity, and con went down with the years and weren’t quite up to hers.

Vaarsuvius dashed out of the tower with a teleportation spell on her lips with a single thought reverberating in her head, ‘I MUST succeed.’

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