Giant Devil/Zombie Army

Two-thousand years in the future, the Midwestern town of Critical City had been decimated by an outbreak of a radical mutant zombie flesh virus.

"Damnit!" A steel-jawed, muscular hero cried as he gunned down zombies before finally retreating into the safety of an underground bunker. "Our town's uncanny ability to score critical hits is useless against the horde!"

"We only have one option," said a skinny scientist, mist rising from a futuristic looking suitcase as he opened it and gave the hero a gun. "Use this! Shoot the gigantic statue of a devil that has always been in the center of our town, it's our only hope!"

The hero was perplexed. "What the hell will that do?"

The scientist could not answer, since he was no longer relevant to the plot and had thus been eaten by a hitherto unseen zombie which popped up from behind an overturned table in the lab.

"Well, at least I won't have to do an escort mission." The hero gunned down the hitherto unseen zombie and rushed out to perform the brave scientists last request. Fighting his way to the statue, he shot it with the strange ray gun, thus dispelling the demon's long curse.

The demon began weeping. "So I got cursed and THEN turned to stone for two-thousand years?" One of the zombies walked up to him. "Don't cry," the zombie said sympathetically. "After all the duration of the crushing despair spell has worn off long ago."

"Oh," said the demon, wiping away his tears. "You're too kind."

"Unfortunately," said the zombie with an evil grin. "The duration of Bestow Curse is permanent." The zombie then bit him in the ankle, and despite the demon's undoubtedly tremendous fortitude save, he could not resist being turned into a zombie.

"Welcome brother," cried the zombies. They all swarmed the zombie demon and gave him big zombie hugs and kisses.

The town meanwhile was basically screwed.

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