Shadowdancer/Mr. Scruffy

It was after the assassination attempt on the King of Nowhere had gone horribly wrong. The Shadowdancer had been separated from his partner in the confusion and had been for hours. Risking a return to the destroyed inn to see if he was there, something caught his eye. It was a belt, one he recognized. That female warrior who had so effortlessly defeated them had been wearing it. Perhaps… he could gain some of her power?

Once he put it on however, he didn't notice any difference at first. Maybe it wasn't even magical. In another moment however, his chest became distinctly heavier and he suddenly realized he was… missing something.


Well, at this point his ring of disguise would just be redundant. He, or rather she, slipped it off and pocketed it, revealing that she was in fact a cat-girl.

There was no time to look for some sort of way to remove the curse. She had to move on to her next mission - the assassination of Lord Shojo of Azure city.

Weeks later she arrived at her destination. Though she had finally re-united with her partner, they had soon parted ways on sour terms since the horny dwarf wouldn't stop trying to get her in bed with him. She crept into the palace, easily sneaking past the guards and paladins, none of whom had spot or listen as a class skill. Entering the near-empty throne room, she spied her target, and… something on his lap.

The scruffy white cat awoke, and their eyes met and locked. She felt something grow hot in her loins. All reason fled from her mind as she realized that she had found the one she had been searching for her entire life.

Amidst the screeches and yowls of passion, Lord Shojo awake.

"Damnit Mr. Scruffy! I told you not to have one night stands in the throne room!"

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